Coty Beasley

Product + Design Technologist

A little about me.

I'm a San Francisco-based digital designer with over 10 years of design experience and a background in software engineering. I'm currently the VP of Product at Neighborly.

Neighborly is a small, Series A company building fiber optic broadband networks in underserved markets in the United States. I currently manage all external facing product initiatives, including marketing, product management, design, and engineering teams.

I've worked on...

Watching a community come together, in real time

We put mapping data in the hands of broadband advocates to show who was signing up and where they needed to focus efforts.


Analyzing and predicting municipal bond value

We built a tool that allows professional investors to build and maintain millions of dollars in municipal bonds, using leading and lagging factors alongside world events and treasury performance.


Helping patients survive medical emergencies

We built a heads-up platform that helped doctors, nurses, and paramedics navigate complex decision trees to increase patient survival rates of sepsis, stroke, and code blues.


Quantifying human performance in football

Using deep performance, physiological, and media data to predict the outcomes of fantasy football and improve health data around college and high school athletes.


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