My Favorite Tools

They say a bad workman always blames his tools, so perhaps there's room for bragging when they work out.

iPad Pro

Years ago, I was at peak designer, sketching away in my Moleskin with a fountain pen. These days, I've ditched the paper and whiteboards for an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. When I'm in remote meetings, I can simply broadcast to Zoom or AirPlay and sketch away, without my colleagues struggling to see what I'm writing on the wall. After I'm done, I can save a high resolution version and upload it to Slack or anywhere else - a thousand sketches with me at all times.

Most Used Apps: Procreate, Paper, Pixaki, GarageBand, Asana


After ditching Sketch and Abstract, I moved our team over to Figma and haven't looked back. I've mapped hundreds of hours in Figma and its collaborative capabilities are superpowers for product design. I'll frequently shoot a link out to another team member without the hassle of downloading another app or having to be on a Mac. Beyond that, the component system and plugin features can't be matched.

I've had conversations with folks in cabs while they watch me move things around on their phone.

Truly, I don't know if I could ever go back to anything else. It's that good.

Even More Tools

On a regular basis, I use a variety of tools to get a job done, including:

Design isn't about tools - it's about communicating intention.

However, I still really love trying new things out. 😎